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Board of Directors

President: Melvin Johnson
Vice President: Al Earl
Secretary/Treasure: Dave DiCroce
Directors: Karen Legg, Jeff Wolfe, Nick DeSalvo, Jon Campbell, Pat Collins, Ed McMillan

The purpose of the Colorado Greyhound Breeders Association is to promote the sport of live racing in the state of Colorado. To encourage a healthier economic and higher level of public acceptance for the greyhound racing industry in the State of Colorado. To promote the placement and adoption of all greyhounds in Colorado. To emphasize the whelping and stamping of Colorado bred greyhounds, as outlined in the C.G.B.A. by-laws.

Greyhound track racing began with Owen Smith's invention of a mechanical lure around 1912, which made racing around a circular track possible. The first track opened in 1919 in Emeryville, California. It helped pave the way for the development of the greyhound racing industry in America.

History has proven that the greyhound is an animal born to run. They were originally bred as hunting dogs because of their speed. To run is the fulfillment of a greyhounds basic instinct. Greyhounds by nature are gentle and have always had a strong relationship with humans. The breeding and training of greyhounds is an extension of the human/animal relationship established thousands of years ago.

Colorado Greyhound Breeders Association
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