Make A Fast Friend...Adopt A Greyhound!

We work with the following organizations and are fully committed to ensuring that all racing greyhounds spend their retirement in the homes of a caring adopted family.

As part of this effort we support the following organizations in Colorado. Please take a moment to learn about greyhound adoption.

Colorado Greyhound Adoption

CGA is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 devoted to placement and adoption of greyhounds. Foster programs are available. Based in the metropolitan Denver area, Our volunteer base continues to grow, as more and more greyhound enthusiasts become involved. We are available to answer any of your greyhound questions and introduce you personally to some of these miraculous animals.

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Rocky Mountain Greyhound Adoption

Rocky Mountain Greyhound Adoption, Inc. (Est. 1994) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for retired racing Greyhounds. Our volunteers are located primarily in the area north of Denver, stretching as far as Fort Collins. And our kennel is just east of Brighton, Colorado. Check out these loyal loveable dogs, your best friend may be waiting for you.

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Is Greyhound Adoption Right For Me?

Owning any pet is a lifelong commitment, and we ask that you think over the following questions before continuing – not only for yourself, but all the members of your household. We also encourage you to read as much as you can about Greyhounds before adopting one. Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia Branigan is a great place to start!

  • Are you financially prepared to invest in premium food, dental work, vaccinations, leashes/safety collars, routine and unexpected medical expenses as well as any other expense that ensures the continued well-being of your Greyhound?
  • Are you prepared to keep a Greyhound for the life of the dog, which can be between 12-15 years of age?
  • Are you prepared to supervise your Greyhound in the company of young children at ALL times?
  • Are you prepared to have a dog that lives and sleeps inside your home?
  • Are you prepared to provide extra supervision and patience while your Greyhound is adjusting to life in your home which can take up to 5 or 6 months?
  • In the event of life changes, have you thought of how they will affect your Greyhound? (such as marriage, a new baby, moving, separation, military service, etc)